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We’re all guilty of it. Whether binging, streaming, gaming, learning or shopping, we’re using bandwidth. Now multiply that by the number of people under your roof. Someone is definitely hogging the connection. If this sounds familiar and you haven’t upgraded your equipment in a while, perhaps now is the time to do just that with ARRIS SURFboard Home Networking products.

Who do you live with?

Meet Meat-Head-v1
The Fitness Buff
Besides lifting things up and down, this piggy’s use of live streaming on social media while other family members are online was taxing their network. After his final pose, he suggested the family upgrade their home network with the G36 Wi-Fi® Cable Modem. With Wi-Fi® built-in, the space-saving device meant more space for his weights.
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Meet the Streaming Chef v1
The Streaming Chef
This family of 8 little piggies is non-stop – with an aspiring at-home chef bringing home the bacon and the piglets virtual schooling at the same time, their network gets a workout every day. What they need is true Gigabit Wi-Fi®.
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Meet the Show Stopper-v1
The Show Stopper
This piggy loves to binge his favorite shows while his roommates are busy doing homework online. His bacon was about to be cooked until he came up with the intelligent solution of purchasing the SBG7600AC2 Wi-Fi® Cable Modem. Not only did they save on monthly rental fees, his roommates were able to stream – and ace – their classes while he binged hours of Hog Heaven.
Meet Plays Hard to Get v1
The Extreme Gamer
This piggy will suck the bandwidth out of your entire network while online gaming. Her system demands an ultra-fast reliable connection. She needs the SURFboard Thruster™ Gaming Acceleration Kit to provide a dedicated connection for her gaming console to keep up her winning streak.
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Meet the Music Geek v1
The Music Aficionado
This piggy loves streaming music and attending virtual tutorial classes so much that it was causing significant buffering issues for family members streaming their favorite shows. They recently upgraded their network with the SB8200 Cable Modem. Now they need the SURFboard mAX® Mesh Wi-Fi® System so the entire family can stream their content without missing a beat.
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